Proven Benefits and Scientific Analysis of Furunbao

Unlike other medication which temporarily stimulates the residual vascular function in men with an erection problem, Furunbao goes further and helps to permanently restore the natural vascular functions involved in an erection.

Furunbao is a unique association of two active components which act synergistically upon the blood vessels, allowing them to relax and consequently to increase their diameter. In its turn, this increases the blood flow to the penis, thus enabling the man to reach and maintain an erection. And how does this happen? The cells of the blood vessels produce a substance called nitric oxide, which sends “messages” to the muscles that contract the vessels, inducing them to relax.

Furunbao’s secret lays in the fact that it supplies an antioxidant which acts as a catalyst of the enzyme that produces the nitric oxide, from the L-arginine. In other words, at the same time Furunbao supplies great amounts of the L-arginine aminoacid, it also favours the production of nitric oxide from this aminoacid. As the Pycnogenol accelerates the production of nitric oxide, it becomes necessary to have a bigger supply of L-arginine.

In some clinical studies, after a period of approximately two weeks, men who took Furunbao began to have a better sexual response.

Most men began to have more often morning erections, which reveals a natural recovery of the erectile function. Similarly, it became easier to reach and maintain an erection, which significantly increases self-esteem, rendering men more capable of taking pleasure in their sexual life. In some clinical studies, the female partners interviewed revealed that their husbands began to have a stronger sexual desire and improved their performances; men also admitted to having more sexual dreams and erotic fantasies.

Furunbao was analysed by means of four clinical studies, which recurred to the same methodology used to assure the efficiency of natural medication.
In the group of men which suffered from erectile dysfunction and took Furunbao, the index which measures the erectile function increased form an average value of 14 to 26.

Reference was made to a feeling of discomfort and swelling in the stomach. But that only happens when Furunbao in taken on an empty stomach. Hence the recommendation to take Furunbao after a meal.

Prescription medication is indicated for people who have no pathologies, such as prostate problems, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc. In such cases, the vascular system is highly damaged, not being therefore able to generate the amount of nitric oxide necessary to lead to the arterial relaxing and the supply of enough blood to produce an erection. Generally speaking, such medication acts in such a ways as to allow for the small amounts of nitric oxide available to cause the due vascular relaxation, by pharmacological inhibition of an enzyme present in the blood vessels. The medication must be taken before the sexual activity and the dosage needs to be adjusted according to the health condition of each person.

Unlike other prescripted medication, Furunbao is the right choice for all those who feel their erectile quality is not the same as when they were young. In fact, what happens is that the interest on sex and the erectile response maintain the same, but the erection itself takes longer to reach and does not always last the time desired. The regular ingestion of this supplement helps recover the natural response of the blood vessels which irrigate the penis.

Facts on Furunbao

Furunbao is a nutritional supplement which is very efficient with the ability to help most men to increase their sexual desire and to maintain their sexual health. This supplement allows men to recover their sexual pleasure and passion, lost in time, with no side effects as it so frequently happens with traditional medication.

The positive effects of Furunbao upon the male virility are scientifically documented. It brings vitality to the sexual life of individuals, reducing the pre-action tension and preventing the lack of desire. This supplement is a natural way to restore self-confidence, thus enabling once more an active sexual life.

The regular usage of Furunbao leads to a permanent increase of the nitric oxide levels on the body, consequently improving the blood circulation. As opposed to the medication which should be taken before the sexual act, in order for the same to take place, Furunbao is a daily supplement that allows for the best conditions for successful erections at any moment and whenever necessary.