Furunbao is a fruit from a secret millenary oriental recipe religiously kept and passed on among generations of the Tao family.

The history of this product is curious, to say the least: The wife of Mr. Tao, a pharmaceutical and a great connoisseur of the effect of numerous plants, was extremely unpleased with the sexual performance of her husband. Under pressure due to this fact and disappointed by such a reality, Mr. Tao began an intense search for a formula which might solve his problem.
This is how Furunbao was born.

The success of this product lead to many attempts to copy it. However, no one succeeded in doing so. Currently, the recipe is patented by the Tao family, which gave us the privilege and the exclusivity to distribute it among the European space.

The following statistics are the result of a study made in the United States, which involved 1000 women aged between 18 and 45 years old:

  • 68% of the women are not satisfied with their partners’ performance.
  • 76% of the women wish to have more sex than that which their partners give them
  • 83% of women fake orgasms.